Why Cloud?

  • Businesses are looking to deliver their services in the most cost-effective and efficient means possible, without compromising on security or performance
  • As a result of years of organic growth and lack of technology infusion, Legacy Data Centers are expensive and less efficient
  • The desire to modernize capabilities without having to replace all of your existing X86 environment

Essential Cloud Capabilities

  • On-Demand Self-Service and Expansion
  • Access to a Managed Services Environment
  • Wide Network Access
  • Resource Pooling
  • Rapid Elasticity
  • Measured Service
  • Security

The MicroKloud® appliance is a next generation solution that enables a cost effective on-premise private-hybrid cloud in one compact affordable package. Built as a single, secure, standardized, proven infrastructure, the MicroKloud is pre-integrated, tested, and validated, and can be quickly deployed, and easily operated. This solution will increase the stability and availability of your IT operations as you transition to the cloud. The MicroKloud makes moving to the cloud easy.

The MicroKloud is the cornerstone of MicroTech’s cloud family of solutions — each highly mobile, scalable, and all cloud ready.

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To learn more please contact MicroKloud@microtech.net
or 571-246-0283

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