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GSA EIS is a $50B, 15-year IDIQ held and managed by Defined Technologies, LLC a Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of MicroTech.

Through the Network Services program, GSA has developed the Network Services 2020 (NS2020) strategy, a new and all-inclusive acquisition program to fulfill agencies’ needs for IT and telecommunications. NS2020 will work to become the Government’s main source for network-based and network-enabled services, which will be provided through this new EIS contract vehicle.

EIS is a comprehensive solution-based vehicle to address all aspects of federal agency information technology, telecommunications, and infrastructure requirements. 

EIS services include:

  • Data Service
  • Virtual Private Network Service
  • Ethernet Transport Service
  • Optical Wavelength Service
  • Private Line Service
  • Synchronized Optical Network Service
  • Dark Fiber Service
  • Internet Protocol Service

Voice Service

  • Internet Protocol Voice Service
  • Circuit Switched Voice Service
  • Toll Free Service
  • Circuit Switched Data Service

Contact Center Service

Colocated Hosting Service


  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Platform as a Service
  • Software as a Service
  • Content Delivery Network Service

Wireless Service

  • Commercial Satellite Communications Service
  • Commercial Mobile Satellite Service
  • Commercial Fixed Satellite Service

Managed Services

  • Managed Network Service
  • Web Conferencing Service
  • Unified Communications Service
  • Managed Trusted Internet Protocol Service
  • Managed Security Service
  • Managed Mobility Service
  • Audio Conferencing Service
  • Video Teleconferencing Service

Access Arrangements

Service Related Equipment

Service Related Labor

Cable and Wiring

National Security and Emergency Preparedness


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