Competitive Advantage

MicroTech sustains a decided competitive advantage in its field through innovation and forward thinking strategy.

The foundation of that competitive advantage is a strong commitment to cultivating and developing the best professionals, equipped with the organization’s rock-solid, repeatable business process and internationally recognized Quality Management System (QMS) standards, comparable to those provided by industry leaders much larger in size and scope, and with more resources.

MicroTech’s reputation for consistent and superior performance, outstanding work, and adherence to structured quality management methodologies ensures the delivery of high-quality services, enabling the increased capability to manage larger tasks while maintaining the flexibility, budget conscious cost-savings, and rapid decision-making of a small business.

  • Experienced, Seasoned Leadership — Award-winning, industry savvy leadership thoroughly understands the business of government
  • Innovative, Creative Ideas — A corporate environment that encourages innovation and thinking outside of the box
  • Technical Industry Certifications — Training-focused corporate environment leads to an organization of professionals armed with latest business tools
  • Proven Past Performance — Best-in-class service delivery is based on successful client engagements and proven business practices
  • Strategic Partnerships — Solid relationships with world’s leading OEMs and technology brands
  • Procurement Vehicles — 25 Federal contracts provides available access to more than 2500 vendors, over one million tech products across the government
  • Breadth and Depth of IT Solutions — Comprehensive technology lifecycle services for business and government
  • Vendor Neutral Service Delivery — Product agnostic Deftech solution is applicable to most legacy networks
  • Innovation & Integration Center — Industry hotbed of transformative cloud computing, unified communications, and mobile data center technology breakthroughs
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