Team Building TSS Style

Thu, 2014-02-27 17:34 -- nitrous

Preston Quick (SVP, TSS and CIO) and his teams’ senior leadership participated in a team building exercise today along with our EVP for Operations, Steve Truitt.  The basis of the class was an Apollo 13 simulation conducted by Gaming Works that required MicroTech members to use their technical skills, strategy, and teamwork to deal with the exercise’s various scenarios.  This simulation supports many IT Service Management (ITSM) learning and organizational improvement initiatives. Some of the objectives achieved during today's training were: how to apply ITSM best practices and learn the essence of ITSM; how to measure and improve your performance; how to stay customer focused and set the right priorities based on customer impact; and develop communications and team competences.  Quick described the event by saying “This Apollo 13 simulation gave my team a clear focus on how to better align IT services to our Business processes; as a group working together our solutions resulted in bringing lessons learned back to MicroTech!”.

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