Study Finds Consumers are Open to Virtual Doctor Visits

Wed, 2013-07-17 15:23 -- nitrous

Welcome to the "new world" of healthcare, a place where the use of telemedicine has had a significant impact on customer experiences by allowing more real-time, meaningful patient and doctor interactions. Through a survey conducted by Cisco, it was found that throughout this “new world” both human and digital aspects are key parts to the overall patient experience. While the comfort level varies geographically, it was revealed that most consumers are comfortable with having their health records securely available on the cloud.

Nearly 80% of North American consumers are comfortable submitting a complete medical history online to ensure the most personal diagnosis possible. While face-to-face interaction remains the preferred method of healthcare treatment, it was found that 74% of consumers are comfortable with communicating with their doctors virtually!

"The patient and care provider experiences are top of mind in health care around the world. Due to the increasing convergence of the digital and physical, there is an opportunity to provide increased collaboration and information sharing among providers to improve the care experience and operate more efficiently," said Kathy English, Public Sector and Healthcare Marketing, Cisco.

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