Strategically Social: MicroTech CEO fuses Social Media with Big Data

Fri, 2013-04-26 14:01 -- nitrous

Have you ever wondered if you were part of a bigger conversation?

With social media analytics, you can now track streams of dialogue to find out where you stand in the social sphere. And if you find out that you or your company is not as prominent as you would like to be in that conversation, you can strategically insert yourself in that stream to provide your unique perspective to the subject at hand.

I’ve inserted myself into what I think are the right conversations for my goals. Now what?

After collaborative interaction and credible knowledge sharing, with social media analytics you can transform yourself or your company into the industry expert you know you are.

MicroTech’s own social media guru and President & CEO, Tony Jimenez, shared his knowledge on social media analytics at the American Institute of Engineers (AIE) Big Data Symposium: Applications & Analytics for Intelligence, Defense & Homeland Security. His talk to over one hundred attendees took place during the tools, techniques, and technologies portion of the conference yesterday at the Holiday Inn Rosslyn at Key Bridge in Arlington, Va.

Jimenez focused on integrating social media with big data, citing MicroTech’s Social Media as a Service (SMaaS™). SMaas is a customizable tool that delivers detailed daily, weekly, or monthly reporting on subjects that affect your business goals. The information is delivered as charts and graphs. If you think of it as a giant infographic connected to the social media world, you can grab and compare whatever information you deem useful and display it graphically. MicroTech does all of their analytics in the Knowledge Fusion Center located at their headquarters in Tysons Corner, Va.

“You can’t wrap your head around all of the benefits and advantages that social media analytics provide, because most of them have not been discovered yet,” Jimenez said. “This is undiscovered territory, and the territory is huge, but the opportunity for companies to improve their position is tremendous.”

He went on to talk about Knowledge as a Service (KaaS) which stems from social media analytics, saying that it all revolves around in-depth search and discovery, concept analysis, targeted analytics, monitoring, message alerts, workflow, and audio and video.

“We’re building the future—all of us together. With each ‘tweet,’ each ‘like,’ and each connection made, we are weaving a connective fabric with an incredible amount of data between the threads,” Jimenez said.

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