MicroTech Tech Services Lauded

Wed, 2014-03-05 12:55 -- nitrous

MicroTech is in the midst of delivering a $1.28M Air Force project at Dover AFB, Delaware to relocate their Network Control Center (NCC) into the base’s new consolidated communications facility data center. Completion of the project is scheduled for September 2014. Jarred Martus, MicroTech’s Project Manager (TSS) on this contract explained, “We are responsible for the Dover NCC Relocation consisting of building out the new consolidated communications facility data center to house classified and unclassified systems with planning and design of room layout, running, terminating and testing cabling & switches, 30 server racks, UPS systems and plenty of power to each rack”. MicroTech set this project up in a 3 phased approach: 1st Phase was initial planning and design of the layout of the data center as well as the ordering and delivery of all equipment and gear necessary to complete the job. Phase 2 was the running, terminating and testing of both cabling between the racks and the running of the strand fiber from the telecomm room to the data center to facilitate connectivity to perimeter buildings on Dover.

As the MicroTech team wrapped up the 2nd phase Preston Quick, MicroTech’s SVP for TSS & CIO, visited the job site with Jerry Nappi, VP of Telecommunications. “With these 2 phases completed we are now waiting for Phase 3 to begin which is to setup, configure, and cutover the network and server equipment.” said Quick, “This will be the most challenging portion of this contract, however, the install team has done a tremendous job and the client is very happy with MicroTech’s performance”.

The major challenge on this project has been construction delays which impacted the government obtaining ownership of the building and in turn has prevented MicroTech’s move into the final phase of the project. The Air Force customer has been very appreciative of MicroTech’s ability to work around the adjusted schedule. Martus emphasized, “MicroTech and our customer have been working side by side through the entire process making sure that the end product is exactly what they needed”.

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