MicroTech President and CEO featured on cover of Smart CEO Magazine

Wed, 2015-09-02 13:42 -- nitrous

The article talks about how Tony Jimenez led MicroTech through one of the darkest times in its history and came out the other side ready to grow.

In November 2013, one of Tony Jimenez’s worst fears came true. His company, MicroTech, was under attack.

Until that point, MicroTech had been experiencing a meteoric rise in success, having grown from a startup consultancy — launched from Jimenez’s kitchen table in 2004 — to one of Washington, DC’s most prominent government contractors in its space. With nearly 400 employees, prime office space near McLean, VA, and a steady stream of high-profile contracts, Jimenez’s MicroTech was not only humming along nicely, but it was collecting awards, recognition and industry credibility.

Then it all changed. When the first article of The Washington Post series landed, Jimenez wasn’t exactly surprised. He knew, after all, that investigative reporter Robert O’Harrow Jr. was coming after him and his company. What he didn’t know was how it would all unfold.

To read the full article, click on the link. http://bit.ly/1NNwpEs

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