MicroTech is Prepared for HP’s IDOL Splash

Thu, 2012-07-12 11:41 -- nitrous

MicroTech, a HP Public Sector Specialist partner and Autonomy partner (before acquisition), is the channel partner that has IDOL technology fully operational. The Innovation & Integration center (I2C) at MicroTech’s headquarters in Vienna, VA, is an environment available for clients who want to try IDOL technology ‘before they buy.’

MicroTech’s vast experience and proven capabilities with IDOL led CRN to approach MicroTech for its subject matter expert, Joe Heinzen, Senior Vice President of Sales. With over forty years of experience in the IT industry, specializing in software development, network security and design, and business planning and operations, Heinzen took some time away from his busy schedule to give his insight how he sees IDOL in the future.

Heinzen said, "We lead with the basic IDOL engine and explain how other technologies can be layered in, such as social media and analytics for intelligence apps." If HP introduces this product to the stream, many new and exciting IT combinations can be arranged to provide specific solutions tailored to the clients’ needs. Heinzen further explained, "IDOL is like the foundation for a house: It supports all the other apps and how they get integrated." Like IDOL, MicroTech can provide the foundation for clients’ needs in all IDOL technology.

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