MicroTech Near Top of Social Madness Leader Board

Tue, 2012-06-19 09:46 -- nitrous

MicroTech claims the No. 2 seed after Phase 1 of the first-ever social media competition. “Social Madness” is sponsored by the Biz Journal chain of business news publications and stretches across 43 major cities. Over 4,000 businesses and organizations signed up for the challenge.

Taking on such contenders as non-profit trade groups, limousine services, and trendy restaurants, MicroTech has made it to the next phase of the social communications battle royale. The quantitative competition is based on gaining followers to three of the most popular Web 2.0 platforms — Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

The next phase is a week-long local bracket competition versus the Independent Bankers of America.

You can vote for Social Madness by visiting SocialMadness.com, clicking on the Washington DC city link, and choosing MicroTech under the Round 1 column.

Connect with MicroTech on LinkedIn, follow MicroTech on Facebook, and like MicroTechBUZZ on Twitter to record your vote.

Leverage your social influence and vote for your favorite local businesses on The Business Journals' Social Madness pages.

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