MicroTech CEO Talks Post-Shutdown on Fox Biz News

Mon, 2013-10-21 17:32 -- nitrous

This afternoon Tony Jimenez was back on the Fox network being asked about his perspective of post government shutdown implications for small business. The MicroTech CEO emphasized the impact of Shut Down and Sequestration was a one two punch to small businesses. Keep in mind this was not just the government shutdown; government contracting businesses have been dealing with the impact of sequestration for nearly a year. Per Jimenez, “Sequestration forced small businesses to cut positions, restructure people, and realign organizational structures, and then just about the time we were starting to recover, the government shutdown caused us to have to cut even deeper and go through another major restructuring drill”.

Jimenez went on to say “I am hopeful that when people hear about the effects of sequestration and the government shutdown they know sequestration is real and the government shutdown was more than just a few days off – our elected officials’ inability to reach a consensus about our nation’s budget cannot continue – it’s about people, jobs and the economy and how the lack of collaboration and cooperation on the Hill is hurting real companies and Americans”.

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