MicroTech CEO Speaks at Defense Acquisition University

Thu, 2012-03-15 18:04 -- nitrous

MicroTech CEO Tony Jimenez spoke today at Fort Belvoir's Defense Acquisition University in Virginia on a subject he knows best — program management. He shared with the over 50 members of the class, representing the various service branches and other government agencies, his insights and reflections on program management from a highly successful business owner's perspective.

As a former acquisition officer and now business executive, Tony has over 20 years of program management experience and is a graduate of the course there, have attended during his 24-year Army career.

Based on some of the students also currently undergoing media training, Tony shared with them some of his experiences in engaging the press. Much of his discussion focused on popular social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and how they are impacting his role as a president of a high profile business.

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