MicroTech CEO Provides Insights about Government Contracting

Mon, 2013-08-12 11:29 -- nitrous

Tony Jimenez, President & CEO of MicroTech, was interviewed Sunday on Government Contracting Weekly, (WUSA Channel 9) by Hillary Fordwich (SVP, AOC Key Solutions). The series provides information for businesses on how to procure government contracts. Mr Jimenez emphasized the importance of having a great team and how people impact a company’s momentum. He explained that in the IT world there is a war on for talent and the best and brightest get choices. MicroTech focuses on being a quality company; to include competitive pay, benefits, so employees can focus on their jobs. The CEO described MicroTech’s transformation from the early days when he would take any work and how his business strategy has morphed into being a more tech-savvy, big data management, and cloud computing company. Jimenez explained that MicroTech is not just about IT – now its “Technology”. He illuminated that his company is different than competitors because MicroTech speaks government and has the right contract vehicles. Additionally, MicroTech has innovative solutions, their own patents, and enablers that constantly keep the company relevant. When asked about why small businesses fail, Jimenez pointed to the extremely completive market in the current space. He pointed out that our nation’s demographics are changing and recommended businesses include diversity in their plans since this element is critical to our country. As companies move forward they must invest in the future and diversity is part of that strategy. He outlined his views on being successful in today’s market and again stressed the team element and creating cohesion by leveraging people’s talent and experience so they complement each other. Once you make it to the top it’s vital you stay on top because companies want to do business with the top businesses. As a CEO he emphasized the importance of getting up every day and figuring out how to do things better; constantly searching for the next stepping stone up, positioning your company to remain relevant by identifying what people want and need in the way of technology. He warned though that businesses cannot over extend themselves, “do what you know how to do—you have to perform”.

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