MicroTech CEO Lectures at Defense Acquisition University

Tue, 2013-02-12 15:11 -- nitrous

With 20 plus years of Program Management knowledge, a Master’s in Acquisition Management, Program Manager and Chief Information Officer certifications, and Army Acquisition Professional experience, MicroTech President & CEO, Tony Jimenez, was the perfect choice to be the guest-lecturer at the Defense Acquisition University yesterday.  

Reflecting on his knowledge and success with MicroTech, Jimenez disseminated a collection of guidance and real-world experience to the Program Manager's Course (PMT 401) students.

The 10 week course develops the analytical, critical thinking, and decision-making skills of program and project managers in the contracting, logistics, and financial management fields. The students range from industry fellows to various Military Service branches, Department of Defense professionals, and other Government Agencies’ program leaders.

Given the current economic uncertainty surrounding sequestration, Jimenez shared his small business owner’s perspective on the potential deep cuts in Government spending. He said that although there has not been a final decision, businesses are already feeling an impact.

Jimenez then shaped the discussion around social media statistics that emphasized the power, reach, and impact of websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. He stressed that as Program and Project Managers the students should capitalize on those tools to support their missions.

For example, LinkedIn reported today that Jimenez’ profile is among the “top 1% most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012.” This achievement not only highlights MicroTech but attests to the power of Social Media.

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