MicroKloud is Just What the CIO Ordered

Wed, 2013-09-18 10:36 -- nitrous

Tony Jimenez, MicroTech’s President & CEO, was right on the mark when he predicted that “server huggers” would win out when it came to maintaining an on-premise Cloud solution. And MicroTech based their business strategy on developing and fielding its family of cloud solutions on their boss’ vision regarding customer preferences and requirements. “MicroTech is setting the industry on its ear”, said Jimenez, “and we have the solutions to prove it (i.e. MicroKloud, MicroPodd, MicroStakk, etc.)”. The Leading Services Provider and Technology Integrator’s innovative solutions coupled with its numerous contracts and multiple Cloud Center of Excellence designations, as well as its award-winning best of breed solutions, are evidence of a shift in the paradigm and additional evidence that the time for Hybrid Cloud Environments is now! A recent article by William Atkinson (titled: CIOs favor hybrid cloud environments due to reduced complexity and increased flexibility, but many of them are concerned about security issues) reaffirms Jimenez’s prognostication. Atkinson writes “A majority of CIOs say that hybrid cloud environments, which integrate on-premise and cloud-based applications, helps reduce complexity and increase flexibility, according to a recent SAP survey. Titled CIO Survey Results—Hybrid: The Next Generation Cloud, the Wakefield Research report is based on in-depth phone interviews with 52 CIOs of large companies. Eighty-seven percent of respondents say cloud solutions are important to their business. However, 83 percent assign similar importance to on-premise solutions. These results suggest a bright future for hybrid environments that integrate on-premise and cloud-based applications, according to the report. In fact, 67 percent of respondents using cloud applications have already adopted some hybrid tools, and 75 percent of hybrid users say their company's IT processes end up being less complex after the migration”.

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