Former U.S. CIO Tours MicroTech Headquarters

Thu, 2012-03-08 16:31 -- nitrous

The former Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the United States - Vivek Kundra - paid a visit to MicroTech corporate headquarters today. Hosted by MicroTech CEO Tony Jimenez, Kundra toured two of MicroTech's newest initiatives - a next generation Social Media analytic solution and the Innovation & Integration Center (I2C).

He was given a demonstration of the Social Media as a Service (SmaaS) high-tech facility, planned to offer risk mitigation, improved competitive intelligence solutions, and a faster response to adverse trends that may affect your business.

Kundra also toured the I2C facility, featuring the next generation of data center, unified communications, cloud computing, and green technology. He was provided with a detailed review of the MicroTech MicroPodd™, the latest in portable containerized data center technology.

Kundra served as the inaugural U.S. CIO from March 2009 to August 2011 under President Obama. He is currently the Executive Vice President of Emerging Markets for CRM tool provider Salesforce.

While in his role as CIO of the Federal government, Kundra was a firm supporter of a "cloud first" strategy for the US government, advocating sharing online services between agencies to save money. MicroTech offers the MicroKloud™ line of private cloud solutions.

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