First Ever Auction Huge Success at MicroTech

Thu, 2013-08-01 14:17 -- nitrous

On July 31st the MicroTech/Power Auctions Team, on contract with the Department of Interior (DOI) – Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM), conducted the first ever competitive lease sale for renewable energy on the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf. The inaugural auction consisted of two lease areas off the coast of Rhode Island & Massachusetts (RIMA). The successful event sets the stage for additional auctions that MicroTech/Power Auctions is contracted to conduct, with potential for additional events as follow-on contracts. The next event will be for areas off the coast of Virginia and will occur within the next month.

The DOI multi-year $4M contract was awarded in October 2012 and required the MicroTech and Power Auctions team to develop and supply an innovative auction system utilizing a Simultaneous Ascending Clock Auction format. This allows a qualified company to bid on multiple lease areas in a single auction forum. Because of the sensitivity of the data and computing power to host the auction system, the team had to secure a data center and meet FISMA compliance requirements to obtain an Authorization to Operate (ATO) prior to the first event. Additionally, all qualified bidders and the MicroTech team had to comply with the Final Sales Notice (FSN) that is published in the Federal Register. All these elements, along with a FEDRAMP data center and FISMA compliant system, to include the support of the MicroTech HQ where the “Auction War Room” was established, provided for a seamless and successful auction.

Chris Wallace (Director of Operations, Technology & Services Solution) is the MicroTech Program Manager supporting this contract. “The success of this project is directly tied to the tremendous collaboration and cooperation among our BOEM team mates,” emphasized Wallace, “MicroTech is all about innovative solutions and the DOI auction is the latest example of how we can take a client requirement and make it a sustainable, cost effective capability.”

The resulting auction for the RIMA lease areas of 164,750 acres produced a provisionally winning Bid to Deepwater Wind New England, LLC in the amount of $3,744,135 for the North Lease Area and $94,153 for the South Lease Area after 11 Rounds. The combined lease areas will be developed with Wind Turbines that can produce up to 3,395 megawatts, enough electrical power to support about a million residential homes.

For more information please visit the BOEM website at The FSN can be found at and the BOEM Press Release can be found at

A news article along with an interview of the BOEM Director and the CEO of Deepwater can be heard at

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