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Virginia Gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe visited MicroTech yesterday, July 25th, for a tour of the Headquarters facility including the Innovation & Integration Center (I2C) and the Knowledge Fusion Center.

Unified Communications and Collaboration

It comes as no surprise that working remotely can improve your productivity and work-life balance while simultaneously reducing costs for your employer.

Unified Communications and Collaboration

Welcome to the "new world" of healthcare, a place where the use of telemedicine has had a significant impact on customer experiences by allowing more real-time, meaningful patient and doctor interactions.

UFC 162
Events / Trade Shows

All of MicroTech’s sponsored fighters came out with a win this past weekend at UFC 162. In the title fight of the evening, Chris “All American” Weidman ended Anderson Silva’s Middleweight Champion reign.

Events / Trade Shows

MicroTech is sponsoring three top ranked fighters in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 162 event this Saturday night.

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