10 Years!

Fri, 2014-03-07 11:12 -- nitrous

A decade ago this month from his kitchen table, Tony Jimenez (Founder of MicroTech) established a company which through much hard work, vision, and perseverance, has evolved into a nationally recognized, industry leading Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). Our progress, beginning in 2004 and still continuing today, has been deservedly celebrated as a small business success story providing our clients with quality products and services, employing hundreds of people throughout the nation, and steadfastly standing with our numerous loyal partners. Along the way, MicroTech’s philanthropy has been constant; mentoring entrepreneurs, serving on advisory boards, supporting charities, especially veteran, minority, and small business organizations, and working side by side with the federal government on educational, business, and economic initiatives.

Without a doubt, there have been challenges along the way, however, Team MicroTech’s resolve has always prevailed. Our Mission Statement continues to be our cornerstone: To discover, design, develop, and deliver innovative and emerging technology solutions including infrastructure services, systems integration, unified communications, and cloud offerings maximizing customer success. MicroTech’s corporate Core Values are the embodiment of what we stand for as an organizational entity. These values remain visible through our actions and, in fact, form the very foundation of everything that transpires in MicroTech. They are the common bond among our employees, and serve as the glue that unifies each and every employee, regardless of their work location. Our Core Values serve as beacons vectoring us along the path of professional conduct with an unwavering commitment to ethical behavior.

The MicroTech journey is the embodiment of the American dream afforded by our great country. Thank you for the opportunity to do what we do so well…serve you our customers with our proven performance and committed partnerships. Here’s to the next decade of taking technology further!

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