Upcoming Cleared Opportunities in Washington D.C.

MicroTech Has the following upcoming opportunities for cleared professionals located in the Washington D.C. area:

1. Program Manager - Serve as the contractor’s TO manager and shall be the contractor’s authorized interface with the Government contracting officer, COR and government task managers (GTM) for the TO.

2. Deputy Program Manager - Serves as an additional authorized interface with the Government contracting officer, COR and GTMs for the TO as well as ensuring organizational changes occur on the program.

3. Change Control Manager - Responsible for managing change processes, including tools, maintaining the change schedule and interfacing with other process/service owners/managers in CCS and IRM.

4. Incident & Problem Manager - Responsible for managing incident, service request and problem services and underlying processes and interfacing with other process/service.

5. Security Manager - Responsible for all areas of IT security/ISSO support and assist the Domestic Information System Security Officer (ISSO) in managing the risk of operating SBU workstations and Secret classified operating environment as well as monitoring CCS and consolidated bureau systems.

6. Customer Engagement Manager - Responsible for engaging with customers and stakeholders to ensure services are delivered to meet customer and business requirements.

7. Continual Improvement Manager - Responsible for implementing improvements across the program including service and process improvements and interfacing with process/service owners/managers that are responsible for delivery of those services/practices/processes in CCS.

8. Asset Deployment & Repositioning Coordinator (Asset Coordinator) - Responsible for all IT moves coordination and end-user asset deployment.

9. IT Asset and Configuration Management (ITACM) Manager - Responsible for managing all CCS managed consolidated assets and configuration items (CIs) and the processes to manage those assets and CIs.

10. Test Manager - Responsible for testing all potential releases/service release packages/changes and report findings to the change board. The test manager is responsible for the test environment and the underlying test processes.

11. Release & Deployment Manager - Responsible for the managed release of new/updates of changes/release packages into the DOS environment as well as maintaining the Standard Operating Environment-Desktop (SOE-D) for domestic consolidated customers. The Release & Deployment Manager is responsible for all processes in Release Management & Deployment Management.

12. IT Service Center (ITSC) Manager - Responsible for the operation of the 24x7x365 DOS service desk/help desk.

13. Desk-Side Support Services Manager - Responsible for program desk-side service delivery in response to incidents and service fulfillment requests as well as other desk-side support as outlined in the RFQ for both NCR and CONUS.

14. Service Design & Transition Manager - Responsible for those service areas, practices and processes even if they cross CCS Government lines of authority and as such must work with those lines of authority for seamless service delivery.

15. Service Delivery & Support Manager - Responsible for end-user service delivery of functions and underlying processes, including but not limited to Event, Problem, Incident Management and Request Fulfillment and managed services such as the ITSC & desk-side support.

16. Value Chain Controller - Responsible for ensuring services, projects, initiates and changes expeditiously move through the value chain.

17. Citrix Team Lead - Responsible for the Domestic Secret Classified environment (ClassNet) and availability and capacity for that environment.

18. Knowledge Manager - Responsible for knowledge management as well as serve as the IRM Operations (IRM/OPS) Knowledge Manager responsible for aggregating other IRM office content into a consumable product.

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