MicroTech Launches Advanced Social Media Solution for Business

MicroTech Social Recon Features Superior Online Media Analytics

MicroTech, a leading technology and systems integrator, announces the launch of the MicroTech Social Media Operation Center. This new advanced technology resource center will serve as the company's showcase for its just-released social media analytic product — Social Recon. MicroTech has leveraged meaning-based technology, semantic understanding, and analytical engines to provide actionable, real-time information for the best outcomes in social networking, the Web, and media rich environments.

The MicroTech Social Media Analytics solution consolidates publically available data including micro-blogs, status updates, chat threads, blog posts, product reviews, wiki entries, videos, forum comments, news articles, and traditional media into a cohesive corporate picture that better enables informative decisions and strategic development for any number of organizations.

MicroTech's Social Recon product includes options for both a behind a customer's firewall versions in form factors of customer's choosing. These include mobile cart versions, or a more powerful mobile MicroPodd, as well as MicroCenter data center options. MicroTech rounds out their Social Recon offering with Social Media as a Service (SMaaS). This is a hosted service that can be tailored for customers with requirements that require maximum flexibility.

"An automated solution is the only viable way of obtaining usable, actionable information from the overwhelming amount of social data on the Web," said Tony Jimenez, MicroTech President & CEO. "Our Social Recon product effectively manages social media data in all its formats; structured, unstructured or even semi-structured, and includes both audio and video multimedia capabilities."

The benefits of MicroTech's Social Recon products include:

  • Faster response to trends and discovery of public interests
  • Mitigate risk by being better informed on issues and sentiment
  • Clearer identification of key voices and online sources influencing opinions
  • Quicker reaction time awareness of third-party messaging
  • Better competitive intelligence
  • Improved online reputation
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty

Along with the new Social Media Analytics capability, MicroTech provides Technology Services, Systems Integration, Product Solutions, Unified Communications & Collaboration, and Cloud Computing to commercial enterprises, along with the public sector — managing more than half-a-million tech users daily. A prime contractor on more than 100 Federal projects and 28 procurement vehicles, MicroTech offers access to over 2500 vendors and a million tech products and services across the government.

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