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MicroTech Secure VDI Virtual Desktop Integration

MicroTech takes the guess work out of a VDI solution by offering proven turnkey solutions consisting of computing, storage, end devices and installation services. Whether it's a 10-seat proof-of-concept bundled solution or a 1500-seat turnkey VDI solution, MicroTech offers quick delivery, operational preparedness, and long-term support to ensure your VDI project is successful, adopted by the user community, and reliable.

MicroTech supports all major VDI vendors including VMware, Citrix and Microsoft.

MicroTech Track IP©

With the increased emphasis on higher adoption of telework in the Public Sector, as well as mandates for agencies to consolidate their data centers and to implement cloud solutions, demand for Virtualization and VDI solutions are on the rise in government today. Commercial enterprises are also facing budgetary issues and are turning to VDI solutions to address remote office locations and an increasingly mobile workforce.

MicroTech TrackIP© provides the ability to intelligently track an organization's telework usage, as well as the physical location of an organization’s endpoints.

Out-of-the-box Virtual Desktop Integration (VDI) management solutions are generally unable to adequately and intelligently identify and track the end user's physical system or location; they are “location unaware.” With TrackIP© for VMware View, any device connecting to a vDesktop is accurately tracked and recorded in the VMware vCenter, offering value in security incident containment, protection of sensitive data by prohibiting access to remote-based resources, and identification of end users and usage metrics from a single management console.

TrackIP© for VMware View features automated mapping of peripherals, automated access control to application packages, and automated connecting nearby peripherals to a nearby vDesktop.

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