MicroKloud - MicroStak


The MicroTech MicroStak® Is a rack mountable appliance that provides all the applications and software necessary to create a NIST-compliant private cloud using VMware vSphere or CA 3TERA Applogic on any of the MicroPodd platforms, on- premise physical infrastructure (Network and x86 servers) or a combination of both.

Create a virtual machine (VM); allocate VMs, assign an operating system (Windows, Linux, Unix & Solaris) to constitute an operational environment (OE); add a user applications and manage the complete private cloud environment and all OEs.

During operation, the MicroStak® guides the user through all of the steps necessary to create, configure and activate the private cloud and create OEs. MicroStak® offers a complete set of system management capabilities to facilitate federated cloud management of all technical infrastructure (cloud and non-cloud), network management, VMs and user applications, all from a single user interface.

Allowing for the easy consolidation of assets, MicroStak® guides the user through the process of migrating existing physical infrastructure into the MicroStak created cloud.

Benefits of MicroStak®

  1. Automates the Private Cloud creation process
  2. Provides Cloud resource and application monitoring and management capabilities
  3. Supports the migration of legacy x86 based applications into the Private Cloud