MicroKloud - MicroBirst


The MicroTech MicroBirst® solution improves data center server, Public Cloud and Private Cloud performance to make them more productive. The MicroBirst® I/O Accelerator improves system and database performance by decreasing latency and increasing read and write IOPS. The MicroBirst Network Accelerator increases bandwidth performance and improves data movement efficiency across the network and between data center and cloud instances.

The MicroBirst® solution is focused on supporting managed hosting providers who offer public cloud solutions, as well as private enterprise clouds such as IT data centers at large enterprises. For tech storage and virtualization designers interested in developing highly scalable virtualization architecture, MicroBirst offers a quick and easy solution that adapts seamlessly into standard rack-mount servers.

Supporting most file and data storage protocols, MicroBirst® solves the virtualization scaling challenge for public and enterprise Cloud Computing. Best use models include storage consolidation, multi-hosted services and emerging technologies, like virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) applications.

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