MicroKloud - KloudSeeding

The MicroTech KloudSeedingTM solution is a new approach to the virtualization of an existing X86 based data center — transforming it into an affordable, more efficient on-premise private cloud environment.

Ideal for a government agency, a currently owned facility, or with contractor owned equipment, MicroTech KloudSeeding reduces the cost of ownership by leveraging available facilities and legacy equipment.

The process involves the installation of the MicroTech MicroPodd Portable™ or a MicroPodd Rack™ mobile data center technology.

Operating systems and applications located in a non-cloud data center are migrated from their physical X86 servers to the newly created on-premise private cloud virtual machines — a process MicroTech calls Kloudseeding™. As physical X86 servers are freed up, they will be identified, automatically virtualized, and incorporated into the virtualization environment.

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