MicroKloud - Advanced Virtual Environment Solutions


The MicroTech Advanced Virtual Environment Solution — is a game changing cloud solution that combines MicroPodd® cloud-ready hardware solutions with the CA AppLogic® cloud operating system, CA Nimsoft, CA Business Service Insight (BSI), (optional) Cloud Minder, and a graphical user interface (GUI) to deliver a comprehensive Private Cloud solution, meeting all of the NIST cloud characteristics.

The MicroTech Advanced Virtual Environment solution comes fully operational as an AppLogic-enabled Private Cloud, ready to fulfill your IaaS, PaaS and SaaS needs. This solution is available in all MicroPodd mobile data center configurations.

The MicroTech Advanced Virtual Environment Solution GUI interface is designed to guide you through Private Cloud startup and instantiation, creating virtual servers, installing the Operating Systems (OS) and loading select applications. Configured with ready-to-use MS, Linux x86 or Solaris x86 OS templates, this solution is designed to speed up the normally cumbersome process of creating virtual servers with an operating system required to satisfy Platform as a Service needs.

The embedded systems management tool monitors the physical infrastructure, network connectivity and virtual servers using the CA Nimsoft. And with the inclusion of Cloud Minder, you can perform essential identity and security management functions.

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