The MicroKloud

The MicroKloud appliance is a next generation solution that provides a cost effective on-premise private-hybrid cloud in one compact affordable package. It is the essence of simplicity by delivering exceptional efficiency and business agility in the form of cloud computing. Seamlessly integrating compute, network, storage, and software technologies from across the industry, the MicroKloud provides virtual server resources that can be quickly provisioned and managed to address changing demands and business requirements.

The MicroKloud is designed as a single, secure, standardized, proven infrastructure. Pre-integrated, tested, and validated, the solution can be quickly deployed, and easily operated. It will increase the stability and availability of your IT operations as you move to the cloud whatever the size of your business.

Starting at under $20,000, the MicroKloud represents the most cost-effective cloud environment currently available for small and medium businesses. The appliance can be deployed anywhere - from a data center to a computer closet - and made operational in a matter of hours, providing ROI in as little as 30 days from the time you place your order.


MicroKloud Configuration

The MicroKloud is perfect for any size business. The innovative solution can come customized and configured to support as few as 12 Virtual Machines (VM), 96Gigabytes (GB) of memory, and 6 Terabytes (TB) of storage and can easily be configured by leveraging the appliance’s innate scalability to support up to 100 VMs, 480 GB of memory and 30TB of storage. No matter the configuration or individual business need, the MicroKloud supports critical enterprise applications with the capacity, flexibility, and performance to run VDI environments, mixed workloads, and essential cloud services—all while ensuring operations and management simplicity and reliability.

Data Protection and Mobility

The MicroKloud can provide true peace of mind by providing basic safeguards such as high availability with automatic Virtual Machine (VM) failover and data backup and recovery services options to protect against critical data loss.

Security and Compliance

The MicroKloud solution is engineered, architected, and secured according to best practices. It comes with its own firewall for added security.

System Management and Operations

The appliance is a turn-key cloud platform designed to eliminate the need for complicated hardware binding through the use of a standardized preconfigured cloud environment. The MicroKloud also provides an Application Programming Interface (API) for integrating leading COTS management tools into the appliance to protect your investment in existing management solutions.

One-Call Support

One-Call Support ensures quick, coordinated support as needed with a single call to MicroTech Support. Our integrated support team ensures that your MicroKloud maintains the highest level of availability and productivity by helping you to proactively resolve your issues with just one call.

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