Workforce Show Host Cynthia Gurne Interviews MicroTech CEO

Thu, 2013-04-11 16:13 -- nitrous

“Being a leader is not leaning out over the stern. It’s knowing that you have to get down there and grab an oar,” said MicroTech President & CEO, Tony Jimenez, in an interview earlier this afternoon with The Workforce Show Host, Cynthia Gurne.

During the half-hour long segment, Gurne from WCTR 1530 AM, 1023FM, spoke on air with Jimenez about business strategies, technology capabilities, and leadership qualities. Jimenez discussed his entrepreneurial journey, how human capital is vital to business, the current technology industry, and what the future holds for companies like MicroTech.

Technology has exponentially evolved since Jimenez founded his company nine years ago. He said, “Technology is no longer just what happens on your desktop; with the rise of tablets and smartphones, technology is imprinted into our daily lives.”

Since the industry is known for its expansive innovation, Jimenez said that companies shouldn’t try to focus on everything at once. For instance, MicroTech first focused on partnering and certifications. MicroTech is both ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System (QMS) and ISO 20000 IT Service Management (ITSM) certified as well as CMMI Maturity Level 3 rated and ITIL® management qualified. Additionally, Jimenez announced that MicroTech is now pursuing their ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS) certification.

As an early graduate of the Small Business Administration’s 8(a) program, Jimenez told Gurne about the struggle many companies face upon graduation, noting the extremely competitive environment in which his team works. He said, “Small business is the key to our Nation’s economic recovery,” but questioned the federal governments’ lack of programs for “graduated” small companies to continue their growth and ultimately energize the economy. 

“Is enough being done to ensure that small businesses have the opportunity to be successful? Are we as a community doing all we can to eliminate barriers?” he asked, noting the challenges small to medium-sized businesses like MicroTech face when competing with a tech giant like Lockheed Martin.

Jimenez laid out some advice over the airwaves for other business owners during these turbulent times. He advised them to focus on what their companies do successfully. “Focus on those areas where you have the ability to keep people employed,” he told Gurne. “To become bigger you have to become better at fewer things,” he said.

Tony Jimenez Interview with the Workforce Show: What Makes a Good Company Great?: Leadership

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