Modern Government Premier Issue Features MicroTech CEO

Thu, 2013-01-24 10:50 -- nitrous

This morning here in the DC area we awoke to snow and an addition to our local online newsstands-- the latest front page cover of our CEO.

Modern Government is a bi-monthly digital magazine that shares leading organizations’ thought leadership skills and real-world insights for government. For their first cover story of 2013, they chose MicroTech’s President & CEO, Tony Jimenez, as they focused on what the future holds in industry and government relations. 

In preparation for the article, Tony recently sat down for an interview to share his thoughts on that subject.  As the founder of the Nation’s largest Hispanic-Owned IT Integrator and one of the fastest growing businesses in the country, Jimenez is characterized in the article as a budding entrepreneur whose good sense and insights have helped many people and agencies from testifying before Congress and advising three White House Administrations to motivating small-business start-ups in the Veteran and Hispanic communities. 

The six-page feature highlights his success as a determined businessman who trail-blazed his own professional track. Jimenez’ direct, no-nonsense Q&A illuminates the way government does business and how he sees a modern government operating. 

Here’s a snippet of the feature:

"Modern Government: How is MicroTech leading the way in responding to [the government’s future] challenges?

Tony Jimenez: I think part of it is listening. What does the government need to be better? And when we can get agencies to tell us what they need, we can figure out how to get it to them.

A lot of agencies are very secretive. “Ahh, I don’t want to tell you. Read the proposal, read the RFP. We’re going to put something out to tell you.” “Well, how about you just tell me and everybody else? So we know what keeps you up at night.”

You know it would be the same in my home. If every night I went to bed I got rain on my head because I didn’t have a roof and somebody said, “What keeps you up at night?” “My roof.”

So am I now going to run out and buy, you know, a new driveway? No, I’m going to get my roof fixed.

And if somebody comes to pitch to me about a new driveway, I’m probably not going to buy one because they don’t really know what I need. I haven’t told them what I need. I haven’t told them, “I really need a new roof.” I prioritize what I need because I know what I need.”"

For the full-length article, check out Modern Government Magazine.

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