MicroTech Sponsors Sonnen, Davis in UFC 159

Fri, 2013-04-26 13:26 -- nitrous

This Saturday in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 159 main event, Chael Sonnen will don the MicroTech logo as he fights to take the light heavyweight championship belt away from Jon Jones. MicroTech will also sponsor Phil "Mr. Wonderful" Davis as he battles Vinny Magalhaes in the light heavyweight division. Watch the UFC 159 prelims live on FX and tune into the main event live on Pay-Per-View at 10 p.m. (EST) to see Sonnen and Davis fight to win.

The Gangster, as Sonnen (28-12-1) likes to call himself, has over ten years’ experience as a wrestler. Born and raised in Oregon, he is known for his brutal takedowns. His style matched up with Jones’ (17-1-0) – who has never been taken down before — makes this fight one not to miss. 

The last time the two came together was when they coached opposing teams on the Ultimate Fighter 17. Before that in UFC 151, Jones’ challenger Dan Henderson tore a ligament in his knee before the fight. Sonnen stepped up and offered to take Henderson’s place, however, Jones refused to fight a new contender on such little notice. UFC 151 was the first time in Ultimate Fighting Championship history that an entire event had to be canceled.

In the conference call announcing the cancellation, UFC President, Dana White, said, “[Sonnen] said that not only would he face Jones in eight days, he’d jump in a plane to Vegas and fight him that night if he was asked to.”

In an interview with Sports Center this past summer, a snarky Sonnen said that during the week before a fight he only focuses on making weight and doing media tours. “I wouldn’t have gotten one mile, one round, one jump rope—nothing under my belt before walking into that ring. This was his opportunity to sway the scales in his favor,” Sonnen said.

He added, “Now when I come to beat him—next time I’m going to get a contract; I’m going to get 90 days. I’m going to have a normal training preparation. This was his big opportunity to slip one past the greatest icon this sport has ever seen, and he missed it.”

Known for trash talking and hyping up fights, Sonnen, this time with MicroTech sponsorship, may just take the belt from Jones. The Newark, NJ Prudential Center will host not only Sonnen's 42nd professional and biggest bout, but also Davis’ shot at his 11th victory.

Davis (10-1-0, 1NC), a submitting powerhouse with range, is stacked up against Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter Magalhaes (11-5-0, 1NC) who is just as comfortable in his ground work. “Vinny’s jiu-jitsu doesn’t concern me at all,” Davis said in the UFC 159 Countdown video. Davis said that instead of following strict rules like Magalhaes, he does the “exact wrong thing” during his fights.

Cheer on MicroTech sponsored Sonnen and Davis and watch UFC 159 this Saturday night at 10 p.m. (EST) live on Pay-Per-View.

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