MicroTech CEO Addresses Graduate Students at Michigan State

Wed, 2012-04-11 14:32 -- nitrous

MicroTech CEO Tony Jimenez spoke before a highly specialized masters degree program at Michigan State today. His topic was "Building a Successful Team by Choosing Winning Personnel." The lecture was conducted via Skype broadband telepresence.

The graduate class is primarily made up of human resource managers focused on personnel economics. The professor – Dr. Joseph M. Guzman - approached Tony because of MicroTech's "steep trajectory" and fast growth success. and Dr. Guzman is the Assistant Professor at the School of Human Resources & Labor Relations, at Michigan State.

Tony spoke of how he initially applied his education and real world experience in launching MicroTech. He admitted that "communications is the DNA for success," and "separates the good from the great managers."

Tony's message to the HR managers was that their success is directly tied to personnel choices; relationships, communications, trust, and confidence are critical to the success of the management process, and the success of the business.

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