Big Wins for MicroTech and Fairfax County

Tue, 2012-09-25 17:37 -- nitrous

MicroTech is the No. 1 Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned business on the Washington Business Journal’s ranking of the “100 Largest Private Companies” in the Washington DC area.

Fairfax County also came up a winner by beating out all the other jurisdictions with 66.8 percent of the entire listing’s $69.2 billion revenue. The County dominated the listing by the number of companies and the total number of employees as well.

The 10 page spread of the “100 Largest Private Companies” starts on page 30 of the September 21-27 issue and is packed full of metrics, charts, and pie graphs. The companies are ranked by their 2011 revenues and are categorized by their respected industry sectors.

Making their first appearance on the list, MicroTech is ranked as No. 31 and has experienced a 3.35 percent increase since 2010 with over half of their employees in the Washington DC area. 

Anyone trying to analyze the data between this list and its predecessor, will face some trouble, the Journal says, “Because we changed the criteria for this year’s list, there is no way to make a fair comparison between this year’s top 100 companies and last year’s top 100.”

The Journal does say, though, that there has been an overall increase in revenue by about 3 percent for the 85 companies that have placed on both the 2010 and 2011 listings.

WBJ 100 Largest Private Companies Online Article

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